Sarah Bodman is an artist and researcher at the Centre for Fine Print Research, UWE, Bristol, UK. Sarah is also Programme Leader for the MA Multidisciplinary Printmaking course at UWE. She is editor of the Artist’s Book Yearbook reference publication, the Book Arts Newsletter and The Blue Notebook journal for artists’ books. Sarah also writes a regular column on artists’ books for a_n, ARLIS and Printmaking Today.

Her own artist’s books explore the darker side of nature and human nature. They appear beautiful in order to lead the viewer into the underlying meeting point between the opposites of tenderness and cruelty. Some books include: ‘Viola’ the story of a serial killer baker; ‘Closure’ the end of an affair between a plane spotter and flower arranger; ‘How Do I Love Thee’, a collaboration with JP Willis; and ‘GIFT: I made this for you’ about the ‘Angel of Bremen’.

Read to me

A psychometric collaboration with objects

‘Read to me’ is an experiment made by the artist in the UK, in collaboration with a psychometric reader in The Netherlands, to transmit the emotional content of selected narratives through a series of physical objects. The project will be produced as an artist’s book in 2018.