On walking to The Real Through Line
  • Patrick Jones


                                      our Civilisation

                                       is bAsed

                         on a shaky suPply

                                     of  chEap crude oil


                                  what onCe took

                                       an hOur and a half to drive

                               will take fOur or five days

                                     to walK again


                                          wAlking opens the senses

                                    inviteS intimacy

                         and begs for Knowledge

                                             It makes aware

                                     our aNimal skins

                                 our enerGetic bodies


                        walking is a peRformance

                                          poEms written

                                       by thE ink

                                     of our Feet


                                            thiS bodily geopoetics

                        predates the ploUgh

                                               aNd polis

                                       and paGe


                         songlines predAte civility’s invasion

                                             kNowledges sung

                                           anD walked barefoot


                                      this wAs when the earth was soft

            nurtured by perennial Grasses

                                  and lovEd soil


                                             Today the ground is hard

                   cut and compactEd      

                                shoes are Needed

                             to walk counTry


                                                Shoes and ploughs

                                       fences And maps

                                      are techNics of trauma

                                              of Dispossession


                                                 Such civility is coercively brutal

                           and has disappEared

                                   the generAtive knowledges


                                      our car Feet are damaged

                                    walking tO the city

                                               shOes have deformed

                         our ecological wiTs


                   but walking can reperfOrm

                           what’s crudely leFt

                                      of a pre-liTerate commons

                                              makE sung lines of thought

                                 possible agaiN


                     these walked poems Are without pages’ clocks

                                                   aNd the many ensnaring devices

                                         of civilitY


                                     they are becOming literate of land again

                                and begin to vaLue

                          a return to knowleDge —


                       civility’s prostheses Are not intelligent

                                        we belonG to the most destructive culture

                                                      Ever to exist