• Owen Bullock


north and south to Canberra


heads sway

laughing at

the turbulence


Sydney airport

a huge Maori fella walks through

whistling Greensleeves



two men in green jackets

gesticulate wildly


the girl on the bus


her mother’s hair


a picture of a truck

beside the endless



an old car

in a paddock . . .

my sense of relief


Canberra’s bird people

splashed liberally

with bird droppings


a student

with duck tape

patching his knees



I don’t know what

the T-shirt means



like children



looks at his watch twice

as he crosses the road



a two-humped camel

painted on a front door




suburb, Torbay


in the space

between others

lemon trees

pongas, fantails

hibiscus, succulents


wash racks

peg bag

hand made

by Grannie


the deck is drying


someone plucks a ukulele


a hedge-trimmer roars


the neighbour’s bowl sings

as it hits the floor