• Doc Drumheller

10 x (10 + ˉ10) = 0 is a 10 year project by Doc Drumheller. There are 10 books (one per year) in this series, published in Christchurch, New Zealand by The Republic of Oma Rāpeti Press. There are 20 poems in each book, inspired by the most significant events of that particular year, written using restriction writing techniques e.g.: restricted by the amount of syllables or words per line. Parts 10 & ˉ10 in each book are palindromes, which means they read the same backwards as forwards. Each book is designed to be cut up and reassembled and the poetry creates shapes inspired by DNA strands and explores phonemes like a mathematic symphony. The poems reproduced here are from the book The Architecture of Apocalypse. Previous parts of 10 x (10 + ˉ10) = 0 have been featured in performances at the McDougall Art Gallery, The Dunedin Fringe Festival, The Wellington Fringe Festival, and the Third Wellington International Poetry Festival. 


The Architecture of Apocalypse


Two Palindromes


Evil won

Espy, la Copalla

era, ten nose camel.

A sure Jew disaster rut

emits a kit, saw seven Eves

aid nil are mundane magic moguls. Pope

won Lebanon, stole codexes, no ill I’m ref

food rot. I Jesus return under one universal aria.

Nip an Anno Domini sin I mod on nana pin

air. Alas revinue no red nun rut, er sus

ejit or do offer million sexed ocelots non

Abel, no we pop slug om cig

amen. AD numeral India seven Eve

swastikas, time turrets as ID.

We Jerusalem ace sonnet

are all apocalypse

now live.




Spots emit

Ahab mob, mot

a live dairy’s harpoon

or fats Alabama boom live

fo’ six at sixes, nod Dega.

Mr Atlas aero knit ewes. I Wodan

rot senile mitten, nay a Maximilian red is

no chaos Godzilla lab. A catastrophe era web raw

sin I megaton era we Jew are not a Gemini’s

war. Beware eh, ports at a cabal all iz

dog. So, ah, consider nail. I mix a

Mayan net timelines tornado wise wet in

Korea. Salt Armageddon sexist axis of

evil. Mo’ Obama balast afro,

no Oprah Syria devil

atom bomb. Aha!

Time stops.





Emo Home


Emo home

is no Rome

mit pansie mohair, an

animal some emo home owner

is homo sapien, on dog house.

Homeless Eve no longer is a sore

homeboy. Parsec Nam or no ill Ebert Soo

rot emo, he mocks a no case homework sap

art sale last rap, ask row emo, he’s a con.

Ask come home to roost rebellion romances rap, Yo!

Be mo’ heros, as I Reg, no lone

vessel emo, he’s u, oh God, none

I pas, om oh, siren woe

mo’ home emo, slam in

an aria. Home is

naptime morons, I

Emo Home.





Moo Bake We KABOOM!


Moo bake

won super atom,

not some no hero.

Do not nock comics if

I Wifi Nats, I KAPOW one

mut, sock no Mia. BUDDA, BUDDA, BOOM!

I RATA, TAT, TAT, a trap Marinetti’s note.

We KABLAM, a mama mood, a ban, a nab

are non emo. We vile none live women on era:

banana BADOOM! A mama mal bake we ton sit

ten, I ram part a tat-tat Atari moo

bad dub, ad Dubai monk costume. No

wo Pakistan if I Wifi Sci

mock con ton odor eh?

One most on mot

are pus. No!