• Susan Fealy

Six definitions of love you can’t explain 

desert wells
fieldwork with spiritual intent
music composed on the eyes
the canvas is larger
a small plane flying
into desert rain
a pact between red,
blue, and almost white 



This poem was adapted from ‘Colouring the Desert’ by Nicholas Rothwell.
Weekend Australian. July 20 2013. 




The Super-salad Emerges from Cellophane


i. Kale


A studious form of spinach.


Coral growing under water that isn’t there;

the more it grows, the more it curls

like well-read books, the more it resembles

a little museum of green.



ii. Purple Cabbage


It has something of William Morris

but it’s hard as Brighton Rock.


Unsettling as stripey flowers

and paperchains that border classrooms:

something is wrong

when festive combines with neat.



iii. Beetroot


A creature drawn from a small black lake.


A vegetarian dreams her version of black pudding.


Breasts under wine-dark lycra, or speaking

from the table I’ve-left-your-body womb.

Yes, beetroot is the new black.