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Named for the axon, the primary point of transmission within the nervous system and the means of communication between neurons, Axon: Creative Explorations is a free online journal that publishes writing and images that express or are about creativity and the creative process.

Issue 7: Nonfiction poetry

The Real Through Line

Axon: Creative Explorations, Vol 4, No 2, December 2014


Edited by Jessica L Wilkinson and Ali Alizadeh

This issue of Axon brings together a number of papers presented at the 2013 symposium, ‘The Real Through Line,’* as well as additional works, including new poetry, solicited in response to the symposium’s foci. The symposium aimed to investigate the rapport between the genres of poetry and nonfiction, and also to propose possibilities for both practice and theorisation of a poetics which, to draw on philosopher Jacques Rancière’s concept, becomes a literary space for the distribution of the non-poetic, of ‘the prose of the world’, of that which one may refer to, however generally, as the real.

Questions posed by the conference organisers included: what can the poetic line offer to nonfiction writing beyond the capabilities of the prose sentence? How can poetry extend the nonfiction genre? What nonfiction narratives necessitate or are enriched by the poetic form? Can poetry challenge representations of reality or the real itself? What are the implications of a poet’s foray into historical, biographical, autobiographical, ecological, political, scientific and mathematical terrains?

Note: For the full introduction to this issue, please go to Introduction

* Presented by Monash and RMIT Universities, Melbourne, April 5, 2013.


Poetry by Jordie Albiston
Returning to the Problem of Writing
Essay by Patrick Jones
Networks in Time, Place, Process in the ‘Snapshots Project’
Essay by Jill Jones
Hospitality, Reading and Writing
Essay by Felicity Plunkett
Poetry by Justin Clemens
Towards a Far Left Poetics
Essay by Ali Alizadeh

Beyond Facts and Accuracies

Long Form Poetry as Biographical Method
Essay by Jessica L Wilkinson
Poetry by Lyn Hejinian
Poetry by Felicity Plunkett
The Politics of Circulating Feelings in the Writing of Juliana Spahr
Essay by Ann Vickery
Poetry by Pam Brown
Essay by Justin Clemens
Belonging in Contemporary Asian Australian Poetry
Essay by Rosalind McFarlane
On walking to The Real Through Line
Poetry by Patrick Jones

Stretching the Imaginable

Interview by Paul Hetherington with Petra White
Poetry by Bonny Cassidy
Poetry by John Hawke
Poetry by Navid Sabet
Poetry by Geoff Page