Adelaide Morris is completing a PhD at the University of Winchester; a creative and critical investigation into crossing cultures, countries, and identities. She is interested in identity construction through language, memory, and forgetting. As a second-generation immigrant of dual heritage (Polish and Italian), in England she frequently finds herself simultaneously inside and outside three cultures.

Remember this man?

Double dialectics in a hybrid post-memoir

This article outlines some of the challenges of writing critically, and creatively, from both inside and outside relationships, experiences, and cultures. It questions how the lived experiences of a WWII displaced person from Poland, an economic migrant from Italy, an abandoned son in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, and a peacetime second-generation immigrant in England can be represented through double dialectics to provide ‘nuances that mediate between relativism and objectivism to offer creative avenues of thought [not only for] contemporary ethical and epistemological problems’ (Moscovici 2002), but also for writing a creative post-memoir that operates beyond empiricism.