Axon: Creative Explorations, Vol 1, No 2, March 2012

This issue explores creative, aesthetic, linguistic and ethical judgments. Elizabeth Webby discusses judgments that informed the development of the online Australian Poetry Library; Rachel Robertson explores the challenges she faced in writing a memoir focused on her son, and is also interviewed by Paul Hetherington; Stephanie Green considers deflection as a narrative tactic for memoir writing, relating this to her fictional work 'Antidote', also published in the issue; and Linda Devereux examines memoir writing, transcultural childhood experiences, trauma and associated ethical questions. Elisabeth Hanscombe reflects on connections between letter writing, family trauma and Nietszche; Catherine Vandermark connects the legacy of the Griffins with the Australian landscape and two different lakes; Vanessa Harbour writes of issues informing the composition of young adult fiction; and Sacha Gibbons links violence, interpretation and writing. David McCooey discusses sounded poetry and its various interrelationships; Stephen Muecke explores the complexities involved in creative judgments and multiple realities; while Sandra Burr scrutinises how issues of judgment inform a variety of everyday matters. There are photographic portfolios by Judith Crispin and Hannah Byrnand and poetry by Judith Crispin, Brook Emery, Diane Fahey, Marissa Johnpillai, Judy Johnson, Paul Kane, Cameron Lowe, John Mateer, Patricia McCarthy, David McCooey (sonic poems), Antonia Pont, Robyn Rowland, Michael Sciarretta, Alex Skovron and Georgina Wyatt.