• Lachlan Brown


For an Analogue Psalter


and the alarm

fishes him from

sleep’s cool seas


deposits him outside

his apartment where

he begins to breathe


to walk the shadows

the high rise

autocorrecting sunlight


while the city

unlearns its slow

darkness and each


light change is gift

thin ways in spaces

of severed reverence


the choked horn

of a distant ferry

the trafficked value


of pedestrians

who haven’t yet

remembered the striations


of this city

those clues to

each new day


gears changing

timetabled capital

the almost free market


like a packet of cigarettes

or a smokestack

in a faraway suburb


he has seen

these minutes

grow immense


grand anathemas

and taxis like

a thousand tennis balls


served in deceptive

angles across the net

of the harbour


he doesn’t bow

or smile or stop

for anything




Single Origin


first fleet sales again

brilliant wind the harbour

has only done forty thousand

clicks tell them they’re

dreaming tall ships

a hand brake turn through

the heads this recurring

visitation the replica

harbour bridge at warwick

farm where the car yards

are your seas of recompense

the fresh sense of real estate

the masterton display

home village where you’re

not meant to open the mansion’s

cupboards but everyone does

and these eureka moments

sustain a great south land